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A comment from a reader on Seeking Alpha:
[quote]I agree 100% about PPD being a scam.

RE the salespeople, it's worse than that. From the most recent 10-K filing, under Critical Accounting Policies:

"The remaining revenues and related incremental direct and origination costs are deferred and recognized over the estimated average active service period of associates, which at December 31, 2009 is estimated to be approximately five months, which is unchanged from year-end 2008."

In other words, it takes (on average) 5 months for these poor souls that get suckered into the "business opportunity" to figure out they've been had. Now consider the fact that PPD has been doing this for about 38 years now.

I never would have guessed the supply of suckers to be that robust. Assuming (1) most folks don't fall for it twice, and (2) some even warn other people to beware, it seems logical to deduce the pool of naive targets must be shrinking rapidly.[/quote]