Wednesday, 12 September 2007 21:37

FAQ 24 - How can I block images or specific images when visiting your website?

In most browsers there are options to block features. I have provided instructions for Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

With the Mozilla browser go into Tools, Internet Options, Content and you'll see where you have the option to make an "exception" to a specific site so that images from that site are not loaded automatically.

You can do something similar in Internet Explorer, but I cannot find the feature for a specific site (only for all images in general). You can turn off animations which will prevent a slide show from cycling while you are visiting it. If the slide show happens to be on a picture you do not want on your screen, just hit refresh and the slide show will move to the next picture and stay on that picture. You can also turn off "show pictures", however I would suggest that you keep "show image download placeholders" so that you can decide which image to view and which not to view.

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