Monday, 27 February 2012 14:27

What Happens If GLD Doesn't Have The Physical Gold To Back Its Investment Funds??? Featured


This is the final installment of my interview with the CEO of GBI: Gold Bullion International, a Wall Street firm that facilitates trading in actual physical gold for retail and institutional investors directly through their brokerage account. This segment covers:

  • the ownership structure of GBI, 
  • a direct comparison of direct ownership versus the GLD ETF, 
  • a clarification of counterparty risk,
  • what happens if GLD et. al. are found out not to have the physical gold backing their fund that many parties anticipate, 
  • and the ability of GLD and related ETFs to actually print thier own money..

If you have not seen the first four parts of this interview and the supplementary information (ex. the Sprott Physical Gold Trust comparison), I invite you to peruse them now...

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