Wednesday, 10 April 2013 13:18

One Of The Most Powerful Financial Videos Of The Year!!! Featured

reggie middleton on irish banks

Any Irish taxpayer or bank depositor that watches any TV yet fails to view this video is not acting in a prudent manner, in my oh so humble opinion. Any Irish or US bank investor or regulator who ignores this video is not acting in a prudent manner, in my humble opinion.

The video is presented, without further comment...

The posts are presented here which contain all of the documentation referenced in the video:

    1. Global Banking Crisis - How & Why YOU Will Get "Cyprus'd" As This Bank Scrambled For Capital!!!
    2. As If On Cue, BoomBustBlog Shenanigan Research Gets Real In Ireland, Why Aren't These Guys Knocking On My Door?
    3. Are You About To Get Cyprus'd in Ireland? When A Single Word's Worth Billions Of Euros...
    4. Dear Ireland (& AIB), Haven't We All Learned The Problem Is Insolvency, Not Liquidity?
    5. Oh No! Is It Possible? A 3rd Irish Bank With Hidden Charges Not Revealed In Its Annual Reports?
    6. Ireland, You May Very Well Be Bust & I Make No Apologies For What I'm About To Show You
    7. EU Says Bank Money's Safe After Threats To Take It, Ireland Still Looks Next Up, Contagion Ready To Spread To Bigger Countries

Tomorrow, I will release some additional and very controversial informational on other EU banks. Subscribers, stay tuned (click here to subscribe).

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