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Allegations Of Big Irish Banks Operating Without A Banking License Featured

aib-logo-may182009Since I started my series on the Irish banks, there's been an outpouring of sympathizers, empathizers, consultants and analysts who have joined in to contribute information, data and insight to the efforts. Below is a contribution from a reader on his experience with AIB (see Global Banking Crisis - How & Why YOU Will Get "Cyprus'd" and As If On Cue, BoomBustBlog Shenanigan...). I have not verified the information contained herein, nor do I endorse it or it author. It is presented here for information purposes only.


Tom Darcy

 The premise for my allegations came after a newspaper article was published on the 22nd of April 2012; Judge Mc Govern gave possession of my family home to AIB. The article in the Sunday Independent outlined the loss of my two brothers and mum and business. I asked publically for help and information, the response was overwhelming, one report was from an insider in the AIB who directed me to the Annual Banking Licence application form issued by the Central bank under the 1941-1989 Acts, which all Irish banks and international Banks trading in Ireland require. It became instantly clear that the bank had committed numerous criminal Acts in obtaining their Banking licence, as my statement to An Garda (Irish Police) shows below.

I immediately investigated the AIB financial records 2006-2009 and identified stark anomalies and omitions, all contrary to company law, but more important contrary to their legislative obligations in the renewal of the Banking Licence. So I added that in my appeal affidavits in the high courts of Ireland that the AIB had no locus standi (can send affidavits dated from 29th of June 212) finally on the 21st of January some eleven weeks ago Judge Dunne directed me to report to police. I also sought Sine Fein to put by way of parliamentary question to Minister Michael Noonan the issue of illegality of banking Licences, Michael Noonan went as far as accepting that the IBRC had no valid Banking licence (which is a criminal Act) that was published in the Nama report.


I Thomas Darcy an Irish citizen aged eighteen years and older of 21 Myra Manor Kinsealy Co Dublin, Make this Statement of facts upon which I believe to be the truth.

I state the AIB plc as registered on the 21st of May 1997 in the companies office and holding themselves as conducting or being willing to conduct the business of banking in the Irish state subject to the statute law and regulations imposed by Central Bank of Ireland Acts of 1941-1989 and Company laws of 1963-2010 and the laws of this Irish state operated a Financial Institution for the periods between 2006- 2007-2008-2009 in contravention of the said laws. 
I state the AIB plc operated without a perfected Banking Licence in contravention of the Central Bank Acts of 1941-1989 and further state the AIB plc on renewal of its legislated Annual Banking Licence with intent materially concealed and dishonestly omitted facts by false and misrepresentation in which to obtain said Banking licence.
I state the AIB plc contravened its legislated obligation to deposit securities to the Central Bank of Ireland in respect to its loan to deposit ratios and liquidity ratios under the Central Bank Acts of 1941-1989 on renewal of its Banking licence in accordance with statute law. I state the AIB plc with intent criminally ignored its mandatory obligation to inform the Central Bank of Ireland of Material facts and changes to its status and exposure as a Financial Institution as set forth in the Central Bank Acts of 1941-1989.
I state the omission of the aforementioned legislated securities and material changes were not reflected in the annual financial records of 2006-2007-2008-2009 by the AIB plc.
I state the AIB plc with intent contravened Company Law of the Irish State by omitting and concealing its mandatory obligations to produce a True annual financial reflection of its status. I state the AIB plc contravened its Memorandum and Articles of Association under Company law and statute law by issuing a false and misleading set of financial records to its shareholders for the periods of 2006-2007-2008-2009. I state the AIB plc was required by statute law to inform its shareholders of all material changes and exposures to the status of the company as required by law and with intent failed to do so. I seek An Garda Siochana to enforce the laws of this country as set forth in our enacted Constitution dated the 1st of July 1937 and bring criminal charges against the AIB plc its Directors and agents for the breaches and violations of the laws of this state.

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