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The Battle of the BoomBustBlog Analysts - DeVry

As is stated on my website, I am an investor that generates his own independent research. I usually use two teams of analysts to generate fundamental analysis reports and pursue macro research. These teams consist of consultants, CFAs and forensic CPAs. They often compete head to head, and they are encouraged to come up with their own independent ideas, openly challenge my thesis and findings, and most importantly to challenge each other's work in combination with a direct challenge to my theses, viewpoints and opinions. This creates a competitive, yet open environment where Hubris simply cannot survive, and where you must out your money where your mouth is in terms of backing up your viewpoints with facts and analysis. This is not the type of environment or analysis you can get from a sell side bank or brokerage firm!

I have just uploaded several internal documents illustrating a bull/bear debate we had over DeVry Inc. If you recall, I released a comparison of various companies in this sector along with a brief summary of DeVry. I never released the analytical and valuation work on DeVry, so the valuation portion of this is new to subscribers. All paying subscribers can download the debate here: The Battle of the BoomBustBlog Analysts - DeVry The Battle of the BoomBustBlog Analysts - DeVry 2009-06-09 16:51:13 771.03 Kb

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