Monday, 30 January 2017 15:05

Is the Trump Rally Over? If So, Who Gets Got? Featured

Since Trump's election, US equity markets have been on a tear. The stated reason was belief that his America jobs first, tax cuts and lowered regulation would stimulate business.1231

I've instructed my analysts to delve into companies whose fundamentals may not be able to follow up on that promise...

As you can see, the financials are convinced that it's time. Will earnings spike 18-20% form here to justify this share price jump? Trading earnings have already had triple digit gains at some banks, despite the fact that revenues were up 19% to flat.

The tech industry may find some hurdles as well as Trump tightens the supply of talent in the industry...


Then there's those rates and the dollar. Higher rates will create a higher hurdle... A hurdle we have not seen stateside for several years. 




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