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Bitcoin Investment Risk vs Reward Calculator to Compare BTC to EUR, GBP, Gold & Stocks Featured

After reading what is essentially Fake News about Bitcoin from Financial Times, London Business School and Credit Suisse, I have created an easy to understand metric that allows anyone to compare the risks and rewards of Bitcoin to basically any currency, commodity, stock or asset class.

BTC vs Eur risk vs reward

Here are the risk and return units over the last 6 years, annually...

BTC vs Eur risk vs reward line graph

Here is a another way of gauging the risk-adjusted return relationship between BTC and EUR, and that is units of return received per units of downside risk (for long investors) exposed to. This is easy to understand, and should make many holders of euro consider grabbing some BTC as well...

BTC vs Eur risk vs reward units

This ability to empirically and accurately gauge the risk vs reward payoff of Bitcoin relative to other investment opportunities comes none too soon as not only is Bitcoin being maligned by institutional Wall Street (see It's Time To Beat Up On Credit Suisse and Their Woefully Misinformed Bitcoin Advice) to understand why), but it's within .06% (as of my typing this) of its all time high.

btc nears all time high 

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Next up, I will show all how to create a bitcoin investment portfolio an blend it into your more conventional investments. If you are interested in such, you'd probably want to catch up by reading these:

We also have a blockbuster Apple analysis coming on tap in a couple of weeks, and our very unique take on the television network space, including our own interactive, proprietary content. Much is coming soon, stay tuned!

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