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The United States Joins Japan in Granting Reggie Middleton the Most Significant Asset in the Blockchain Industry – the Aboriginal DeFi Patent Featured

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The patent “Devices, Systems and Methods for Low Trust and Zero Trust Transfers”, was recently issued by the USPTO (patent number US11196566 in the world’s largest economy) and the JPO (patent number JP6813477B2 in the (world’s 3rd largest economy).

Reggie Middleton was first in enabling the conditional transfer of value over any arbitrary distance using nearly any network connected computing device, without a middleman or authoritative 3rd party, and without the need to trust your transaction party. Further, due to this invention, counterparty risk and credit risk has been either eliminated or minimized via use of the immutable attributes of blockchain and DLT technology.

These patents represent foundational technology in the realm of value transfer through a distributed ledger. Mr. Middleton and his team look forward to using these technologies to expedite the entrance of the age of Peer-to-Peer Capital markets where anyone can trade nearly anything in any amount directly with anyone else, anywhere, without middlemen and rent seekers.

The aboriginal name of this invention was “Peer-to-Peer Capital Markets”, but it is better known today by the moniker of its most popular subset, “DeFi” – or “decentralized finance”, which was discovered in 2013 by Reggie Middleton, the primary inventor.

In the globally leading economies, where patents have been attained, as well as those entities that operate using the invention with and through them, it is Mr. Middleton’s opinion that patent protection now exists over:

  • devices used to transfer conditional value through distributed ledgers, i.e., blockchains (such as certain uses of the ubiquitous virtual machine, or VM)
  • systems used to transfer conditional value through distributed ledgers, i.e., sidechain implementations to platforms such as Bitcoin and similar scaling improvements to Ethereum (which the invention predates) and other blockchains; and
  • methods used to transfer conditional value through distributed ledgers, such as certain implementations of On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), swaps and lending facilities, certain asset-backed and stable tokens, letters of credit and DLT insurance schemes.

Reggie Middleton, the inventor and founder of the technology in question, states, “It has been a long road since 2013 - fraught with accusations of fraud regarding the validity of our IP, regulatory ambiguity, rampant discrimination and extremely inequitable treatment of the Veritaseum project and its principal(s). We ran into new versions of an old paradigm - the old boy’s network, as well as lacking equitable access to capital and distribution. None of this prevented the inevitable - the next evolutionary step in commerce and business – the development of the foundational technology known as P2P Capital markets and DeFi. I am uber-excited! We’re pulling off an American success story, despite the odds!”

“How did we get this far? Embracing – versus fearing – a massively disruptive, value creating, progressively disintermediating vision combined with good old hard work, perseverance and integrity. Looking back at our marketing documents from 8 and 9 years ago, we are delivering on our promises, despite the odds and immensely powerful naysayers. Where Wall Street and Silicon Valley view success in the world 90 days at a time, we look at world progress in terms of decades.”

Middleton continues, “Case in point – P2P capital markets encompasses so much more than mere finance. Transferable capital has three major components:

  • Financial capital, i.e., stocks, bonds and currencies
  • Human capital, i.e., intellectual property, such as the patents in question, human capital or political capital
  • Natural capital, i.e., commodities, forestry and land”

P2P Capital Markets facilitate the ability to trade and distribute all of these pillars of the economy on the most sophisticated, yet most direct, platform the world has seen. Humankind Is essentially being reintroduced to the concept of direct barter, but for the digital age.

VERI tokens are in consideration as a discount mechanism for the licensing of the use of the IP. There are only 2 million left in circulation after adverse litigation.

The VERI community has been active in the support of Veritaseum, forming (independently from Veritaseum and Reggie Middleton) a DAO (distributed autonomous organization) tasked with researching IP licensure prospects from around the world.

For more information on the community, visit Veritaseum Community Telegram group

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