December 07, 2021

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Revisiting Why The Shit Hit the Citibank Fan, Because It's About to Happen Again! Featured

NY Mag reports: Citigroup received the most federal funding during the financial crisis for a total of $476.2 billion in cash and guarantees. Next in line for a bailout was Bank of America with $336.1 billion. But between the billions in convenient funding and millions in settlements for failing to disclose risks and losses, the banks have definitely learned their lesson, right? Not according to the panel:

“Very large financial institutions may now rationally decide to take inflated risks because they expect that, if their gamble fails, taxpayers will bear the loss,” the report concluded. “Ironically, these inflated risks may create even greater systemic risk and increase the likelihood of future crises and bailouts. 

 The bank was bailed out in 2008. The article above was published in 2011.It is now 2020. Did Citibank (or for that matter Bank of America, or for that matter any other "Too big to fail" bank) learn their lesson? The answers are "Hell no!" for Citibank (see below), "Absolutely not!" for Bank of America and "Nah!" for JP Morgan and everyone.

Here's a quick four minutes that will walk you through whats going on in 2020. 

Methodology for scrubbing the misleading reporting of Citibank:

  • Step 1: Calculated the average Provision for credit losses quarterly during 2007-2009.
  • Step 2: Calculated the average of Total delinquency quarterly during 2007-2009.
  • Step 3: Calculated the average delinquency as a percentage of Provision for credit losses.
  • Step 4: Calculated the average Provision for credit losses in Q2 2020, using adjusted delinquency in Q2 2020, divided by the average delinquency as a percentage of Provision for credit losses during 2007-2009. 


  2007-2009 Q2 2020 - Reported Q2 2020 - Adjusted
Total Delinquency          23,115               2,761           22,853
Provision             7,470               3,885              7,301
Delinquencies as a percent of provisions 309% 71% 313%


 The results? Uh Oh! We've seen this movie before, haven't we? Just send this information viral, and remember where you heard it first. We want the credit!

There's a lot more to see in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!! See also: Analysis of JP Morgan's Horrible, Terrible, No Good 2nd Quarter and 


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